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Ballot Initiatives

Supported and/or Authored by our candidate in his effort to set Oregon free.

To participate in putting these Initiatives on the ballot, print double sided on

  • 8 1/2"x11"

  • 20lb,

  • uncoated,

  • white paper,

fill, sign, and mail to:

PO BOX 445

Toledo, OR 97391


*those submitted that do not meet State requirements will be rejected by the State

2022-54 Universal Safety Act

Law Enforcement Visibility Act

In an effort to both protect Law Enforcement and return respect to Law Enforcement, a very basic reform in LE visibility is required.

In Oregon, we have basically ended the war on drugs and, therefore, no longer need to have Law Enforcement hide from the public to do their job effectively. Thus we can end the Prohibition era practice of low visibility or unmarked vehicles.


Sex Worker Liberty Act

Sex work is work.

Considering that the members of the public sell their bodies to their employers for chump change and prostitution is 100% legal if paid for in alternate methods or protected by Free Speech while filmed, it stands to reason that we might as well remove the legal stigma and simultaneously destroy sex trafficking.


Universal Safety Act

Initiative 2022-54

submitted March 7, 2022

Robert A. Heinlien said, "An armed society is a polite society."


This statement carries with it an air of understanding that people have the universal right to safety and security with the expectation of a modicum of respect between individuals. We do not currently have this respect between individuals or government.

However, there is always a power imbalance with a society, depending on physical prowess of the individuals involved, that is rectified by the carry of firearms.. In Oregon, some areas require permission to carry firearms. 

No less than 22 states have enacted Constitutional Carry laws. In each state, a marked drop in crime occured (which is widely panned as a detriment). The reason: the risk of crime is now higher than the reward due to not being able to know who is armed and who is not.

The Free don't ask permission to be free. We should not have to ask permission to defend ourselves.


The Emergency Powers Consequences Act.

The declaration of an Emergency iss for the purpose of helping the people until the Legislature can confirm it. Acting without the approval of the people and the Legislature is treason.

Let's Work Together

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